Call for Paper - 5th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention (WHTC 2013) Section of Bio-fuel Cells

第五屆世界氫能科技會議(WHTC 2013) 將於九月25-28日在上海舉辦,台灣宜蘭大學王金燦教授與台北科技大學楊永欽教授擔任大會生物燃料電池組的分會主席、副主席,誠摯邀請國內相關產官學研界先進投稿,同時會推薦優秀論文發表於IJHE期刊。


Bio-fuel cells (BFCs) are energy-conversion devises based on bio-electrocatalysis leveraging on enzymes or microorganisms. Now, section of Bio-fuel cells (BFCs) in WHTC 2013 will provide a platform for transdisciplinary conversation and takes pleasure in inviting you to submit your recent research papers on bio-fuel cells Area. All excellent papers will be published in International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (IJHE, Impact factors: 4.057)

5th World Hydrogen Technology Conference (WHTC2013), 25th − 28th September 2013, Shanghai, China